History of Guelph Police Chiefs

Chief Frederick Randall served as Chief of Police for 38 years from 1881-1919. 

Chief Alex Rae serving as Chief of Police from 1919-1936 

Chief Harold Nash served was Chief of Police from 1936-1949.  Sixty applicants had applied to the vacant role of Chief of Police. Nash joined the Force at age 22, and after only 4 years of service was promoted to Sergeant, the youngest in Canada at the time. 

Chief Edward Lamb serving as Chief of Police from 1949-1964, retiring at the age of 65


Chief Robert Gill served as Chief of Police for only a short time from 1964-1965. In April of 1965 he passed away from a heart attack. He was buried with full police honours after serving for 36 years. 


Chief Robert McCarron served as Chief of Police between 1965 and 1980. In 1971, Chief McCarron received the highest honour from his collegues with his election as President of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police for the 1971-1972 period. 

Chief Lorne Halls served between 1980-1985. Chief Hall joined the force as a cadet in 1945.


Chief William "Bill" McCart served as Chief of Police between 1985-1988. McCart joined the force as a cadet in 1949, resigning in 1952 to accept a position with Avro Aircraft in Malton. He rejoined the department in 1953 as a Third Class Constable. 

Chief Richard Stewart Chief of Police served from 1988-1994. Stewart joined the force as a cadet in 1961, providing 33 years of service. Upon retiring, Stewart remained involved in law enforcement where he was appointed as a community part-time member of the Ontario Board of Parole. Additionally, he was also an associate faculty member at Conestoga College where he instructed in the Law and Security program. 


Chief Lenna Bradburn served as Chief of Police between 1994-2000. Chief Bradburn was the first municipal female Police Chief in Canada. Bradburn became a police constable in 1981, serving ten years with the Toronto Police. In 1987, Bradburn was elected to the board of directors of the Metro Police Association.  

Chief Rob Davis was appointed in to the position of Chief of Police in 2000 and served until 2012. Over his career, Chief Davis worked in many areas of the Service. He was known as a strong supporter of community policing as he continously demonstrated his commitment to citizens of Guelph through various charities, fundraising events and community partnerships. 

Chief Bryan Larkin served as Chief of Police from 2012-2014. Larkin spent three years in Guelph, one year as deputy chief and two years as chief. On Aug. 31, 2014,  he became Chief of Police for Waterloo Region, where he spent the first two decades of his policing caree



The Guelph Police Services Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Acting Chief of Police, Jeffrey DeRuyter, to the rank of Chief of Police effective March 1, 2015.

Chief DeRuyter commenced his policing career as a Police Constable with the Guelph Police Service (GPS) in 1984. During his tenure with the GPS, he has held a number of progressively responsible positions including leadership responsibilities in Neighbourhood Services, Investigative Support Services, and Professional Standards.