History of our K9 Unit

What is a K9 Unit?

K9 Units are composed of law enforcement officers partnered with a highly-trained canines. These specially trained dogs are bred or chosen for their intelligence and strong sense of smell.  These dogs can help when pursuing fugitives, searching for missing persons, and during narcotics or weapons detection.  The officers who handle these canines are more than merely dog handlers; they develop unique relationships in which the canine becomes a trusted partner.  K9 Officers usually maintain 24-hour control over their canines.

Meet our previous and current K9 team! 


 Sergeant Guest & PSD NERO



Purebred German Shepherd from Czechoslovakia

Career overview:

March 1998 to around April 2004;


Nero was trained as a general purpose patrol dog and trained in obedience, agility, searching for persons and property, and apprehensions.

 Nero and Sgt. Guest were involved in 733 K9 calls for service and were involved in the arrest of 213 people

Favourite part of the job: 

Nero's favourite activity was agility - jumping and climbing.

Fun Fact:

He was the Guelph Police Service's 1st dog 

Nero passed away in October 2007

Constable Gordon & PSD GUNNER



Purebred German Shepherd

Career overview:

1999 to 2005


Gunner was trained as a general purpose patrol dog and trained in obedience, agility, searching for persons and property, and apprehensions.


Gunner passed away in 2007. 


Constable McMichan & PSD MAGNUM 


Purebred German Shepherd from Fenwick, Ontario, Canada 

Career Overview:

September 20th 2004 - October 2011


Magnum trained as a General Purpose Patrol Dog with the Toronto Police Service in September 2004.  His training included obedience, agility, searching for persons and property and apprehensions.  In 2008 Magnum was trained and certified in Narcotics. In total Magnum and Cst. McMichan were involved in 552 K9 calls for Service and were involved in the arrest of 184 people. Magnum and Cst. McMichan received an award from their K9 peers in for recognition of outstanding performance in the detection and prevention of crime when they captured a total of nine people one winter night.  Six of those people were involved in a gun point robbery and then captured by Magnum.   

Favorite part of the Job:

Magnum lived and breathed working with his handler and finding the bad guy! He thoroughly enjoyed every part of his K9 career. 

Fun Fact: 

In 2008 Magnum attended a Police Canine Competition with several K9 teams.  Magnum's nose proved to be number one when he brought home a first place trophy in the tracking competition.

Magnum retired in October 2011.  He is still enjoying his retirement and living with his handler, Cst. McMichan. 


Constable McConnell and PSD MAJOR



Purebread German Sheperd from  Hungary.


Major was partnered with Cst.McConnell in September 2005, and they worked together until May 2009


Major began his career as a general purpose service dog certified in tracking, area and building searches, evidence recovery, suspect apprehension, obedience and handler protection.

Major was certified in Narcotics detection in 2007 and became the first operation Narcotics detection team for the Guelph Police Service.

In 2008, Cst. McConnell was certified as a K9 Trainer in the areas of General Utility and Narcotics‎ Detection by the National Association of Professional K9 Handlers.


Constable Moulton and PSD NITRO