Mary Jo - Communicator

My name is Mary Jo. I grew up on a farm just outside of Guelph, ON and upon completion of high school I worked as a Parts Manager for a small jet corporation and an Office Administrator for a chiropractor consulting company before coming to the Guelph Police Service. I have now been a Communicator at GPS for 20 years. I thought the Communicator position looked interesting, so I applied.

As a Communicator I take 911 calls from the public and direct them accordingly, dispatching officers when needed. I ensure officers have everything that they need, make sure all necessary information is in our computer system, and help officers do their job - all with safety in mind.

Being a Communicator is a very important role as I am essentially acting as a lifeline. I enjoy the fact that I am always busy and always doing something. This job is never boring; it is a very high-paced, high-energy position. This role requires confidence, common sense, and the ability to be firm and function in a fast-paced environment. I especially enjoy working for the Guelph Police Service because it is a respectable force that seems to be just the perfect size.