Arif Hasham - Sergeant



My name is Sergeant Arif Hasham. I was born in Nairobi, Kenya but grew up in Guelph, Ontario. I went to high school in Guelph and then attended the University of Guelph for chemistry. Part way through my degree I realized that it wasn't for me to spend the rest of my life working in a lab, so I decided to change directions. I wanted to utilize my love of helping people and become a police officer.

I began my career at Guelph Police Service 23 years ago and throughout these years, I have held a number of positions including being a traffic officer, fraud investigator, high school resource officer and uniformed officer. I am currently one of three supervisors that manage a platoon of officers. I respond to calls for service as well as fill in when needed.

Being involved in the policing field requires great communication skills. One has to be able to solve problems well, and is often found as the mediator in conflict situations. When solving conflicts, it is important to be able to see a problem from someone else's perspective. It is also important to be able to explain your view on the situation in order to come to a compromise. Sometimes there are arrests, but most of the time not. On most incidents that I attend, I never hear how much of an impact I had on the involved individuals, but is it always nice to have someone come up to me later and tell me how the police were able to help. It is a nice feeling when I can realize how much of a positive impact the police have made on people's lives.