Business Plan

View our 2016-2018 Guelph Police Service Strategic Business Plan.

Message from the Board Chair, Judy Sorbara:

The 2016 - 2018 Strategic Business Plan sets the policing priorities until 2018 that are aimed at ensuring the highest quality of life for the citizens of Guelph.  It is the result of an extensive process involving the concentrated efforts of many members of the Guelph Police Service in partnership with community stakeholders.

The Plan is shaped by several core aspects of policing, however, one of the major areas of focus is to mutually engage with Youth.  We understand the importance of making connections with our youth and we have planned multiple ways of engaging Guelph's youth so that we can have a positive and influential impact on their lives.  Another area of focus is promoting and enhancing road safety.  The Service will work with the City of Guelph to address issues and reduce the number of personal injury collisions.

We look forward to serving the community of Guelph effectively and efficiently, with the 2016 - 2018 Strategic Business Plan as our guide.


Message from the Chief of Police, Jeff DeRuyter:

The 2016 - 2018 Strategic Business Plan has narrowed the number of goals it will address to focus on a number of very important areas, supporting our ultimate goal of community safety and the outstanding quality of life we enjoy in Guelph in partnership with all segments of our community.

Throughout our consultations for this plan, a number of key issues emerged, such as traffic safety, violent crime and property crime.  These will be addressed, with careful monitoring of both our progress and our budget.  Others will require a long-term vision that goes beyond the scope of this Business Plan.  For example, responding to mental health issues takes a great deal of police and community resources and continue to be a challenge.  Those with mental health issues must be provided support in advance of personal crises so that police involvement is a last resort measure.

Throughout the mandate of this Business Plan, the Service will have internal pressures to deal with that stem from the much-needed renovation of our headquarters.  Our aim is to minimize disruption to the service to the Guelph community, as is reflected in this Plan.

We are grateful for the community support we enjoy, and thank you for partnering with us to keep Guelph a fantastic place to live, work and play.