Civilian Positions

civilian positions

In order to provide the front line services it does, the Guelph Police Service requires the specialized skills and knowledge offered by civilian members.

Our Service has a variety of administrative and supportive positions requiring productive, interactive, and knowledgeable people who can handle ever changing work environments and sensitive information.

Examples of these positions include:

Police Communicator/Dispatcher- Position Summary

To enable quick response time by obtaining accurate and complete information when answering emergency and non-emergency telephone calls from the public, while ensuring callers' safety during the call. Respond efficiently and appropriately to calls from the public by dispatching officers or transferring administrative calls for service. Support officers by operating, monitoring and responding to all radio transmissions on relevant radio channels. Ensure records and information are complete by correctly operating several police computer systems (e.g. CAD, CPIC, PARIS) and the service Records Management System.

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Crime Analyst- Position Summary

To collect, analyze and disseminate crime data for use by internal and external parties with an emphasis on tactical crime analysis in order to assist in identifying perpetrators, distinct criminal activity, temporal crime patterns, and community conditions that may be associated with crime and disorder, thereby contributing to effective and efficient police resource deployment and community initiatives.

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Occurrence Dictatypist- Position Summary

To produce accurate and complete occurrence reports by carefully transcribing all voice dictated police reports, verifying paper arrest reports and entering data into the records management system.

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Research Analyst- Position Summary

To contribute to effective, efficient and economical service delivery by ensuring that Service policies, procedures, programs and initiatives are consistent with legislation, Ministry guidelines and organizational Best Practices, and by facilitating members' adherence to Service policies, procedures and Best Practices through the quality assurance/audit process and other initiatives.

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Information Systems Technician- Position Summary

To assist the Information System Services team by maintaining and supporting all new and existing communications and information systems technology at the GPS. The main work location for this position will be at Headquarters, however, the incumbent will be required to work at the Clair Road Emergency Services Centre upon request.

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CPIC Operator- Position Summary

To ensure information in the CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre) and RMS systems is complete and up-to-date. Support the Service members in using the CPIC, NICHE and Legacy RMS systems by responding to internal and external queries. Manage interagency correspondence through the use of CPIC messages and faxes.

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Custodian- Position Summary

To ensure a safe and healthy environment for the members, volunteers and public who enter the buildings of the Guelph Police Service. To assist in the provision of a preventive maintenance program with respect to the building, grounds and equipment.

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