Guelph Police Service Vehicles

Ford Taurus

Guelph Police Service uses the Ford Taurus. These are all wheel drive cars and large enough to provide room for the cage, police equipment and the driver/passenger and prisoner.

The fleet of police cruisers are equipped with lots of power to perform police duties. While high-speed car chases can occur, Guelph Police rely on training, discipline and coordinated tactics to protect public safety.

The Guelph Police Service cars are also specially equipped for specific tasks such as Tactical, Traffic, Canine and Neighbourhood Teams.


Guelph Police Service Command Vehicle

Our mobile command vehicle was purchased in 2015 and is shared between Guelph Police Service and Guelph Fire Department. It is equipped with computers and communications gear for use by fire and police teams as well as medical and public works personnel. It is also fully equipped with air conditioning, furnaces, a bathroom and interview rooms for incidents and emergencies

The Guelph Police Service has used the command vehicle for numerous Tactical/Weapons calls; as a negotiation center for barricaded persons and as a command post during commercial vehicle safety blitzes.

It responds to all fatal motor vehicle accidents providing officers on scene with a place to conduct interviews and investigations. The Guelph Fire Department uses the vehicle at all major fire scenes as both a communications command post and as a "rehab center" for firefighters.

Over the years, the command vehicles have been used at countless emergencies as well as special events such as Canada Day celebrations at Riverside Park. The vehicles have proven invaluable and will be continually  upgraded with new equipment to maintain its state of readiness.