Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Unit of the Guelph Police Service is committed to keeping a relationship of trust between the police and the public based on accessibility, accountability, transparency and impartiality.

The unit is responsible for investigating public complaints made about the conduct of Guelph police officers and/or the policies and services of the organization. The public complaints system is governed by the Police Services Act of Ontario and falls under the direction of the Office of the Independent police Review Director.(OIPRD)

The unit is also responsible for receiving and relaying community member compliments regarding positive contact with sworn or civilian members of the Guelph Police Service while performing his or her duties.

This unit also conducts internal investigations as directed by the Chief of Police. The Executive Services Inspector is in charge of Professional Standards and reports directly to the Deputy Chief, who makes decisions with respect to discipline based on the information gathered during these investigations. This unit also provides quarterly and yearly reports to the Guelph Police Services Board outlining public complaints and internal investigations.

The Executive Services Inspector also acts as a liaison with the Provincial Special Investigations Unit (S.I.U.) when they invoke their mandate to investigate incidents that involve the police and civilians which resulted in serious injury or death. At the conclusion of an investigation by the S.I.U., an administrative review is conducted by the Inspector and a report is made to the Police Services Board.

In addition, the Executive Services Inspector is in charge of the Risk Identification and Management Team which is mandated to identify, analyze, prioritize and mitigate risks associated with the operations and functions of the organization. This team is made up of a cross-section of members from various work units within the organization and strives to ensure that the Service is prepared for any events or challenges that might keep the organization from achieving its goals.