Selection Process

  1. Your completed application arrives at our Service and is entered in to our application database. It remains active for one year from the time received.
  2. If your application moves forward in the process, you will be contacted to attend and complete a Pre-background Questionnaire and a Local Focus Interview.
  3. If successful, you will be placed into a pool of candidates that will be considered to move forward to the Essential Competency Interviews. This part of the process is score driven in nature. Those that score highest move ahead first. Those that don't may move ahead at a later time, or not at all.
  4. If successful at the Essential Competency Interview, you may move forward to the phone interview. 
  5. If successful in the phone interview, you may move forward to the driving evaluation.

  6. The next step in the process is the psychological evaluation which consists of a written portion and an interview.
  7. If selected to move forward, an extensive background investigation is the next step.
  8. If successful at the background stage, you will be offered a conditional offer of employment, contingent upon a subsequent medical examination.