Tim Jotham - Special Constable


My name is Tim Jotham. I am a Special Constable at Guelph Police Service and have been working here for five years. My duties are primarily at the police station and include the care and handling of persons in custody, completing reports for general occurrences, and assisting the public within the general office. I also do fingerprinting and DNA orders.

I grew up in Guelph, ON and attended the University for Consumer Studies. I went on to open a small photo finishing business, but later realized that I was ready for a career change. I went on to work for the O.P.P and as a Provincial Park Warden before coming to GPS, where I could continue on my chosen career path and live and work in a great community.

I enjoy meeting the challenges that my job brings, the interaction with the public, and being a part of the great team that is the Guelph Police Service.