Marihuana Grow Operations


What is it?

A marihuana grow operation is any residence or business that has been modified in order to grow large amounts of marihuana. This marihuana is then sold by criminal organizations.

Sophisticated and significant structural changes are made in order to supply light, water and ventilation to plants. These changes can make the location uninhabitable for any future residents without major repairs.

A home grow operation steals electricity.

Home grow operations are found in all types of neighbourhoods. Sometimes, large homes are preferred because they provide more room for growing.

What to look for:

  • Residents only attend the home occasionally for short periods of time.
  • Outside appearance of the property is generally untidy.
  • Generally enter through the garage to hide activities.
  • Excess of used soil and plant material in garbage.
  • Windows are covered.
  • Condensation may be present on windows.
  • Electricity meters may show signs of tampering.
  • Sounds of construction and ventilation fans may be heard.
  • A strong skunk-like odour that may be detected.

Potentially dangerous conditions linked to marihuana grow operations:

  • Fire and health dangers to surrounding homes due to unsafe use of electricity and chemicals.
  • Shock or electrocution hazards can be created by illegal electrical bypasses charging the ground.
  • Future owners may be at risk due to structural damage, electrical modifications, residual chemicals and toxic molds.
  • A family home could be destroyed by a home grow operation.
  • Property values of surrounding homes can be affected.
  • Theft of electricity leads to higher utility bills.
  • Marihuana from home grow operations is sold to our children.
  • There is a risk of violence and residual crime in neighbourhoods linked with illegal activity.
  • Emergency responders are exposed to hazardous conditions.


What you can do:

If you suspect that there is a home grow operation or the theft of electricity in your neighbourhood, it is important that you contact police at (519) 824-1212 or Crime Stoppers 1 800 222 8477.