School Safety Patrols

School busses

Guelph became the second city in Canada to implement a Safety Patrol Program and was initially sponsored by The Canadian Automobile Association.

The task of the School Safety Patrol is to serve as a reminder to all students of how to safely cross the street and to prevent them from crossing when it is not safe to do so. Patrols do not stop, direct, or otherwise interact with vehicular traffic.

In its 70-year history of the Guelph Safety Patrol Program, not one school aged child has ever been involved in an accident due to the negligence of a school safety patroller ... a remarkable record of achievement and an outstanding example of citizen/government co-operation.

More than 1,200 students in grades 5 to grade 8 participate as either a street patroller or bus patroller. These patrols assist many of the 13,000 school children in crossing Guelph streets and getting safely on and off Guelph school buses each day. There are approximately 130 school crossings at intersections and crossing points and over 80 school buses where bus patrols are active in their daily duties.

Community Cooperation with School Safety Patrols

• Teacher Supervisors at all Guelph's elementary schools in both the Upper Grand District School Board and Wellington Catholic District School Board

• Guelph Police Service

• City of Guelph that funds the program

• Local newspapers and radio stations

• Guelph Storm Hockey Organization

• As well as the students, parents of patrollers and the continuing co-operation of the motoring public.

Patrol posts are assigned through the co-operation of:

  • School officials
  • School Safety officers of the Guelph Police Service
  • City of Guelph Engineering
  • Traffic Services personnel

Teacher Supervisors at each school recruit and organize their own patrol teams, assign posts and scheduling, disperse supplied equipment and inspect their own patrols on a continual basis. The Safety Patrol Program would not be as successful without their continued support and dedication to the Patrol Program.

The Guelph School Safety Patrol Program has an outstanding record of child safety and the Guelph Police Service is proud of our role in the School Safety Patrol Program and we will continue to support and assist it in whatever way we can.

Safety Patrol Responsibilities

  • Look, act and be alert
  • Report for duty on time
  • Pay close attention to patrol schedule
  • Set a good example for others
  • Know and practice safe walking rules
  • Know and perform duties faithfully
  • Be neat and clean on duty
  • Be dependable and trustworthy
  • Be courteous and polite

Have Fun and Be Safe

  • Wear patrol vest proudly
  • Find a sub if unable to patrol
  • Sub for other patrollers
  • Report problems and schedule changes to captains
  • Listen to school announcements for patrol updates
  • Attend all patrol meetings
  • Obey rules of patrol, school and home

The School Safety Patrol Pledge, I Will:

  • Report for Duty on time.
  • Perform my duties faithfully
  • Strive to prevent accidents, always setting a good example myself
  • Obey my teachers, Police Officers and other persons of authority in the Patrol Program
  • Report dangerous practices of students
  • Strive to earn the respect of my fellow students and try my best always