The Dangers of Bullying

Bullying is a big problem that has immediate and long-lasting effects on people's health. Children and teens who do the bullying or are the victims of bullying are at risk for a number of emotional and behavioural problems and might need help learning how to develop healthy relationships. In the worst cases, bullying can have deadly results.

Dangers for Children and Teens who are bullied

  • Depression (low mood, a sense of hopelessness).
  • Social anxiety, loneliness, isolation.
  • Stress related health problems (e.g., headaches, stomach aches).
  • Low self esteem.
  • Missing school and getting bad grades.
  • Aggressive behaviours.
  • Considering, attempting, or committing suicide.

Dangers for Children and Teens who bully others

  • Not knowing the difference between right and wrong.
  • Delinquency and substance use.
  • Academic problems and increased school dropout rate.
  • Aggression.
  • Sexual harassment and dating aggression.
  • Gang involvement and criminal adulthood.
  • Trouble in their relationships with others.
  • Being bullied at the hands of others.