The Safe Side (Stranger Safety)

Being Safe and Knowing What To Do

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Your children are the most precious gift that you will ever receive and the safety of them must be your prime concern. As the Guelph Police School Safety Officers we share your concern and that is why we present safety lessons to children in the city schools.

Child abductions are something that we all fear. Abductions by complete strangers occur in the minority of cases but often end with tragic results. Most children are abducted by a person they know or have seen before.

In the safety lesson, The Safe Side, we identify a stranger, as a person that the child does not know at all or a person the child does not know well enough to be alone with. We also stress that children should always get permission from a parent (or Safe Side Adult) before going away with any person, even if they know them well.

The Safe Side


  • Keep your Safe Side Adult close. If you can see them, they can see you.
  • Never open the door without your Safe Side Adult.
  • STOP AND THINK! Don't fall for tricks.
  • Never talk to Don't Knows unless your Safe Side Adult is with you.
  • Don't let anyone inside your Safe Side Circle. Run from danger!
  • Know your three Safe Side Adults. Fill out your Safe Side Data Sheet.
  • Never go anywhere, with anyone unless you ask your Safe Side Adult first.