Bullying Tips


If you are being bullied, you can

  • Stay calm and try not to show you are upset. Try to respond without anger because it can make things worse.
  • Look the person in the eye and say you don't like what they are doing.
  • If the bullying continues, walk away, join other teens or ask someone else for help.
  • As soon as you can, find an adult you trust and tell them what happened.
  • Stay close to people you can count on to stick up for you.
  • Stay away from places where you know bullying happens.

It is your right to be safe!

If you see someone being bullied, you can

  • Speak out and help the person being hurt. Nobody deserves to be bullied. You can help by telling the person who is bullying to stop.
  • Comfort the person who was hurt and make it known that what happened was not fair or deserved.
  • If this does not work right away or if you are afraid to say or do something on your own, find an adult you trust to help you.
  • Help a teen who is being bullied by being a friend. Invite that person to participate in your school activities. This will reduce the feeling of being alone.


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