Ask Officer Kyle

Have you ever had a question that you would have liked to ask a Police Officer but never had the chance to? This is your opportunity. Ask Officer Kyle is a private forum that I encourage you to use to ask those questions. Your submission will be sent privately to me (Officer Kyle) and I will send you an email response as soon as possible. However, please understand that my account is NOT monitored 24/7 and it might take an extended period of time to receive a reply.

If your question is of an urgent nature, time sensitive or an emergency, please direct your concern to the Guelph Police Service by dialing 911, or 519-824-1212 ext 0.

Please note that the purpose of this forum is for grade 6-8 students to reach out to Officer Kyle in regards to general advice and specific questions regarding the Values, Influences and Peers (VIP) and VIP+ elementary school programs.

Students, please do not submit your school email address as Officer Kyle is unable to reply to those accounts.