Dealing with Graffiti


Graffiti is an act of vandalism and it places a significant burden on the City of Guelph.

What it does

  • The presence of graffiti can cause people to feel unsafe. It creates a perception that nobody cares about the area.
  • It increases the fear of crime in the area and requires a large portion of city funds and resources to eradicate the graffiti.
  • It reduces property values.
  • It destroys property.
  • It undermines visitors and residents confidence in the safety and security of the city.

What you can do about Graffiti:

  • If you know of someone or witnessed an act of Graffiti, report it to the Guelph Police Service or Crime Stoppers.
  • If your property or business is marked by graffiti report to police and then remove it as soon as possible.
  • The quick removal of graffiti is the most effective means to prevent further acts of vandalism.

Prevention Tips:

  • Apply Graffiti resistant coating to protect walls.
  • Choose dark colour paint when painting out graffiti to help reduce the likelihood of graffiti appearing on your property.
  • Install video surveillance to monitor isolated areas.
  • Increase lighting and visibility in vulnerable areas.
  • Restrict access to walls by planting creeping vines and bushes.
  • Use chain link fences as opposed to other fences which create a solid surface for graffiti.
  • Wall murals are known to eliminate or reduce tempting blank canvases and effectively deter the spread of graffiti as well as beautifying the city.