Grade 8 Lesson Plan

Presentation #1: Sexting

Officer Kyle will explain the dangers relating to the growing phenomenon of SEXTING being practiced by the youth of today, including the possible effects, consequences and penalties.

Presentation #2: HSRO, Youth and the Law & Open Forum

This topic was selected due to feedback from students and parents about being surprised that Police Officers are assigned to Guelph High Schools. Officer Kyle will discuss sections of the YCJA (Youth Criminal Justice Act) that are commonly misunderstood by youth in preparation for moving on to High School next year. Topics will include Youth Criminal Records vs. Adult Criminal Records, Drug offences, Roles of the HSRO (High School Resource Officer) and their duties and being an approachable resource and their focus on enforcement within their schools. During the "Open Forum" portion it's an opportunity for the students to ask questions of their choice.