Kid Safety

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Dear Parents,

Over the past few years, the number of mobile apps has grown exponentially with the significant rise in smartphone and tablet usage. Most of the time that your children spend on smartphones, tablets and other Wi-Fi connecting devices involves using gaming, social networking and instant messaging apps. Generally speaking, apps are simple and fun to use but they, like websites, are public domains and therefore their use by children needs to be monitored.

How to prevent problems:

  • Teach your child how to use technology safely.
  • Set a good example for your child as kids pay attention to how you use and how often you use Wi-Fi capable devices, blogs and social networking sites. Make sure to model the same behaviour you've set for your child.
  • Balance the amount of time your child spends online with offline activities.
  • Restrict your child's use of adult search engines.
  • Explore the online games your child plays to determine if they are age appropriate. Is the game moderated? Is there a chat component? Are avatars used? Does it contain sexual or violent material?
  • Closely supervise what she/he uses the console for and the features offered by the games she/he plays. Encourage games that offer the ability to block or restrict individuals who can play with your child and allow you to mute other individuals from chatting with your child.

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Constable Kyle Grant

VIP Co-ordinator

YCPU Guelph Police Service