Online Safety

Helpful Tips

  • Set up user accounts for everyone in the home, with you the parent as the Administrator.
  • Avoid file sharing programs as you may inadvertently get malware (virus) on your computer.
  • Understand social networking-using the privacy and security settings to protect yourself and your family.
  • Teach children to talk to a parent, teacher or trusted adult if they feel uncomfortable about anything they have seen on a computer.
  • Teach respect by being kind online, let your online activities be an example to others.
  • Use the built in parental controls on your device, whether it be Mac, PC, cell phone or tablet. Most devices have restrictions and or parental controls built in to protect your privacy and safety.
  • Educate yourself, research a particular 'App' or website before using it.



  • Online reporting of child exploitation as well as guides for people regarding sexting/bullying/sexual abuse and Internet safety.

Protect kids online

  • Provides education for parents, teachers and others tips and information on online safety that is geared towards specific age groups.

Need Help Now

  • Gives tips and advice to youth if they sent a picture/video and how to deal with it.