Robbery Prevention

A robbery, by definition of the Criminal Code of Canada, is a theft where violence or the threat of violence is used. Although Guelph is a safe community, robberies do occur. Members of the community can take some steps to keep themselves safe, and deter criminals from this violent crime. The goal must always be to reduce the risk of injury to employees by preventing a robbery from happening, and here are some steps you can take to help reduce the risk:

Reduce the Risk

SEE AND BE SEEN - Maintain high visibility for businesses and employees

  • Make sure sight lines are clear to allow a good view inside your business, and that it is well lit at night. This helps to make any persons inside very visible, and may deter someone from attempting a robbery if they feel they will be seen.
  • Keep the inside of the business well lit and eliminate shadowed areas.
  • If you are concerned about persons who seem suspicious, call police before something happens - be aware of your surroundings.
  • If possible, have employees work in pairs for added security.

DON'T FLASH THE CASH - Money Handling

  • Don't keep large amounts of money on business property.
  • Use a drop safe if you have one.
  • Don't make your night deposits while alone, and don't fall into a predictable routine.
  • Don't advertise - keep any money or deposits out of sight.

Prevent Violence

If a Robbery Happens

  • Stay calm, and comply with the demands.
  • If a weapon is present, assume it is real - don't take chances.
  • Try and remember details about the person - what is noticeable about them - age, height, weight, clothing, how did they speak, any tattoos or marks that were visible.
  • When the person leaves, watch and remember which way they went: was there another person outside or a vehicle waiting.

After the robbery

  • Call 911 right away.
  • Stay on the line with the 911 operator - tell them who you are, where you are, and give them your phone number.
  • Tell the operator as much as you can remember about the robber and where they went,
  • Tell the operator if there is a vehicle involved.
  • Lock the door once the robber is gone, and don't open it until Police attend.
  • Ask witnesses to stay until Police arrive.
  • Write down anything you can remember about what happened.
  • Tip Sheet from Crime Reduction Canada.

CAUGHT IN THE ACT - video surveillance can help investigators

  • Install a video surveillance system that will help keep employees safe - make sure it is visible, it is a good deterrent.
  • Make sure your video system is functional - if it doesn't work, it doesn't really help.
  • Make sure your video system is up to date with correct times and dates.
  • Keep your video archives they may be important in the future.