Senior Safety

Fraud Protection

Be sure to watch for the following frauds that have been targeting seniors.

Emergency / Grandparent Scam

The victim receives a phone call from someone pretending to be a grandchild, niece or nephew and is told that they need money to get out of jail or they have been in an accident and money is needed to fix their car, pay a tow bill or a lawyer. Secrecy is stressed and the victim is told not to tell anyone. Again, fraudsters try to convince the victim to wire transfer the money to them.

  • Verify the information and the person's identity by contacting other family members.
  • Ask yourself, does the story make sense?
  • Do not wire transfer money to someone you don't know.

Romance Scam

Victims are approached on an online dating site from someone who shows an interest in them. Gradually an online relationship is developed through email, instant messaging, texting and phone calls. Eventually there is a request for money to pay for business ventures, travel costs, illness etc.

  • Break off all contact immediately.
  • Report the fraudster to the website.
  • Do not send money.

Service Scams

Victims are fooled by door-to-door salespersons into purchasing unnecessary products, warranties or services never rendered.

  • Do not be afraid to say, No!
  • Do not feel compelled to answer the door.
  • Talk to friends and family.
  • Ask questions.
  • Ask for pamphlets, brochures.
  • Take your time.
  • Do your research.
  • Do not provide personal information.