911 Need to Know

When to call 911

  • If it is a life-threatening emergency situation OR
  • If the crime is in progress.

What to expect

  • The communicator will ask if you need Police, Fire or Ambulance.
  • If you need the police, the communicator will then ask you for the location of the emergency and will either transfer your call to the OPP or will continue to ask for information.
  • Remember to stay calm.

Further Details

  • The Guelph Police Communications Unit answers 911 phone calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Hearing or speech impaired members of our community are asked to call TTY 1-866-513-8062 (teletypewriter)  for emergencies or administrative purposes.
    • 911 by text

      New service enhances access for Deaf, Deafened, Hard of Hearing and Speech Impaired residents

  • For those who speak another language, our service subscribes to Language Services Associates who provides us with over-the-phone translation service in over 170 languages.
  • 911 calls are dispatched for police response based on the nature of the call, they are automatically prioritized in the following way:

Priority 1 Example:

  • A motor vehicle accident with people injured or an urgent need for police response because a crime is currently in progress.

Priority 2 Example:

  • A break and enter, by comparison, that was just discovered, but is believed to have occurred sometime ago.

Priority 3 Example:

  • No immediate threat to safety such as a found bike is of low risk to public safety.