The Guelph Police Services Board for 2021 is comprised of five members who serve on a part-time basis:

  • Robert Carter, Chair - Community Member appointed by City Council
  • Mayor Cam Guthrie – Elected Member of City Council
  • Councillor Christine Billings – Elected Member of City Council
  • Jane Armstrong - Appointed by the Ontario Government
  • Peter McSherry, Vice-Chair - Appointed by the Ontario Government

More information on how to become a member of the Guelph Police Services Board


The Guelph Police Services Board is the civilian oversight body that is responsible for providing adequate and effective police services in Guelph. The Board's authority is established by Section 31 of the Police Services Act.

The Board has general superintending authority over the police service through policy and Strategic Business Plan development and specific administrative tasks. The Chief of Police is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the police service and he and senior staff meet regularly with the Board to discuss options and priorities for the best delivery of policing to the City of Guelph.

The Board is also responsible for developing the operating and capital estimates for the police service, which are then approved by Council. The Board, as the employer, is also responsible for collective bargaining with the police associations and other labour relations matters.

If you would like more information about the Police Services Board, please contact:

Leslie LaCelle
(519) 824-1212, ext. 7213