There have been recent changes to the Ontario Association of Police Chief’s (OACP) Constable Selection System (CSS) that will take effect January 1st  2020.  Applicant Testing Services (ATS) are not currently conducting testing or issuing OACP Certificate of Results.  The Guelph Police Service is currently working on an implementation plan for prospective police officer recruiting.  Our Service will be communicating the changes in the near future on our website. 


Please be patient during this brief transition but know that we are actively seeking applicants for police constable and civilian positions for the 2020 year and encourage all those considering a career in policing to apply.

If you have a current OACP Certificate of Results: please submit your application as instructed in "How to Apply".

If you have a partially valid OACP Certificate of Results, (some part(s) have expired but it was completely valid within the last 365 days): please submit your application as instructed in "How to Apply". (more instructions may follow your application)

If you do not have an OACP Certificate of Results that was valid in the last 365 days: Please check back for application instructions.


If you have a strong interest in becoming a police constable, and feel you meet the qualifications, you are encouraged to apply to Guelph Police Service.

Please note, there is a different process of applying for experienced officers.

 Experienced Officers

To apply as an experienced officer, you must have served a minimum of one year with your current police service


Please mail the following documents: (not bound and without any plastic coverings)

  • Cover Letter
  • Detailed Resume
  • OPC Certificate and Transcripts
  • CPR and First Aid certification
  • Fitness Pin for the Current Year
  • Two recent Performance Appraisals from your current police service
  • College and/or University transcripts
  • High School transcripts
  • Any other pertinent information the candidate feels is relevant
  • Applicant Survey 
  • Waiver Release 


Mailing Address:


Recruiting Branch - Sgt. Angela Grover

Guelph Police Service

15 Wyndham St. S.

Guelph, ON

N1H 4C6

How to Apply


Please mail the following documents (not bound and without any plastic coverings):

  • OACP Application Form
  • Cover Letter
  • Detailed Resume including volunteer work and dates
  • ATS Certificate of Results (photocopy of COR) (Test updates if necessary)
  • Photocopy of official High School transcripts and diploma*
  • Photocopies of official College and/or University transcripts (even if incomplete)*
  • Photocopies of College and/or University diploma (if achieved)
  • Photocopy of CPR (Level "C") and Standard First Aid certification (up-to-date)
  • Applicant Survey
  • Waiver Release

*Official transcripts are NOT required upon initial submission but will be required at a later stage

**ATS COR and CPR/First Aid must remain valid through the selection process

***References/reference letters are required on request only

Mailing Address:

Recruiting Branch- Sgt. A. Grover
Guelph Police Service
15 Wyndham St. S
Guelph, ON N1H 4C6


The Guelph Police Service is committed to equitable treatment of all individuals in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code. This Service is committed to accommodating any individual needs in all employment practices. Please let us know if you require any accommodations to ensure that you can participate fully and equally during the recruitment and selection process.

Examples may include, but are not limited to:

  • Accessible formats for written material
  • Communication supports
  • Interview scheduling to accommodate observance of a religious holiday

If you require accommodation to participate fully and equally during the recruitment and selection process for the position of Police Constable, please contact Sergeant Angela Grover 519-824-1212 ext 7218


Official Transcripts and Diplomas

Official transcripts and diplomas will be required. Where education has been completed outside Canada, official proof of equivalency must be obtained. The following is a list of private agencies that provide document assessment services for a fee:

Secondary and Post-Secondary Evaluations International Credential Assessment Services of Canada (ICAS)
100 Stone Road West, Suite 102
Guelph, ON N1G 5L3
Toll-Free: 1-800-321-6021

World Education Services - Canada (WES Canada)
45 Charles Street East, Suite 700
Toronto, ON M4Y 1S2
Toll-Free: 1-866-343-0070
Telephone: 416-972-0070
Fax: 416-972-9004

Service Post-Secondary Evaluations Comparative Education Service
University of Toronto
158 St. George Street
Toronto, ON M5S 2V8
Telephone: 416-978-0393

 Constable Selection Process
  1.  Your completed application arrives at our Service and is entered in to our application database. It remains active for one year from the time received.
  2. If your application moves forward in the process, you will be contacted to attend and complete a Pre-background Questionnaire and potentially a Local Focus Interview.
  3. If successful, you will be placed into a pool of candidates that will be considered to move forward to the Essential Competency Interviews. This part of the process is score driven in nature.
  4. If successful at the Essential Competency Interview, you may move forward to the phone interview.
  5. If successful in the phone interview, you may move forward to the driving evaluation.
  6. The next step in the process is the psychological evaluation which consists of a written portion and an interview.
  7. If selected to move forward, an extensive background investigation is the next step.
  8. If successful at the background stage, you will be offered a conditional offer of employment, contingent upon a subsequent medical examination.
 Essential Competencies

If you are not an experienced officer and would like to apply, keep in mind the competencies that the Guelph Police Service are looking for.

Analytical Thinking

The ability to analyze situations and events in a logical way, and to organize the parts of a problem in a systematic way.


A belief in your own abilities and judgement and a recognition of personal limitations and development needs.


The ability to demonstrate effective listening, verbal and written communication skills.

Flexibility/Valuing Diversity

The ability to adapt your approach in a variety of situations and to work effectively with a wide cross-section of the community.

Relationship Building

The ability to develop and maintain a network of contacts, both inside and outside the police service

Achievement Orientation

The desire for continuous improvement is service or accomplishments

Medical/Physical Skills and Abilities

Job-related medical/physical skills and abilities, including vision, hearing, motor skills, cardiovascular endurance and upper-body strength


The ability to keep your emotions under control and to restrain negative actions when provoked or when working under stressful conditions.