You can’t watch over your children all the time, but you can understand them and try to give them as much guidance as possible to help keep them safe and happy. You should learn some tips for setting smart rules and expectations.


Binge drinking involves drinking a lot of alcohol in one sitting, which could lead to alcohol poisoning or severe intoxication. Both of these conditions can be fatal.

Call an Ambulance

You should call an ambulance if:

  • You can’t wake someone up who has passed out from drinking too much
  • Someone starts vomiting in their sleep
  • They start to have seizures
  • They have slow and irregular breathing and heart rate
  • They are blush, pate and/or have cold skin

Mixing Alcohol with Energy Drinks or Drugs

Alcohol is a depressant, while energy drinks are a stimulant. Energy drinks can mask the effects of alcohol, which can lead to drinking too much without realizing it.

Mixing alcohol with drugs can also have serious effects, such as accidental overdosing or even death.

Community Contacts

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, there are organizations in our community that can help:


Prescription drugs and street drugs are always changing. It is important for parents to be up to date on what drugs are out there. The following are resources that can help you: