Break and Enter

As a break and enter victim, it is normal to feel less secure about your home. Your concerns about safety and security can be greatly reduced by reading the following and taking some steps to re-securing your home.

Most entries happen during the day when homeowners are not around. Thieves are attracted to homes that look like the owner is away

  • papers not picked up
  • snow on the drive
  • house not lit at night
  • no vehicles in the driveway

While surveillance cameras are an excellent investigative tool for investigators after the fact, they are not stopping thieves from committing break and enters.

It is important that you address anything that may have given the thief the impression that you were away.

  • This includes putting at least one light on a timer, which is visible from the front of the house.
  • It is critical that you improve your security while making any necessary repairs.
    • For doors - install a good quality, 1 inch dead bolt lock with a 4 hole (or more) “security strike plate” installed with at least 2 ½ inch screws that penetrate the wall studs.
    • For sliding windows and patio doors - install a secondary locking device or place a stick in the bottom track and in the maintenance gap located at the top of the frame of the sliding part

What to do in the days following a break in:

  • Lock any gates in and around your property
  • Tell neighbours to watch for suspicious activity
  • Hide/lock up valuables
  • Check out sightlines around your property. Remove/ reduce overgrown shrubbery in front of accessible windows and doors.

Vehicle Theft

Vehicle thefts within the City of Guelph are commonly what are referred to as a “crime of opportunity”. A majority of vehicle thefts which take place within the City of Guelph stem from victim’s warming up their vehicles and leaving them unlocked, or leaving the vehicles running outside of stores while they quickly run in.

Below are some tips on preventing vehicle theft:

  • Ensure that all keys to the motor vehicle are accounted for. A trend has been observed of persons leaving spare keys within their motor vehicles which are being stolen during vehicle entries. Thieves will then return later, sometimes weeks later, and steal the motor vehicle.
  • Ensure that if you need to warm up your motor vehicle, that you remain with the vehicle. Thieves will drive around neighbourhoods specifically looking for vehicles warming up, which they can take in under 15 seconds. It is not uncommon for three to five vehicles to be stolen within one day within Guelph.
  • Having an active Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking program through your car manufacturer is also an incredibly useful tool for investigators. It not only assists police with recovering stolen vehicles but apprehending the suspects who commit these offences.

Anyone who is in need of support dealing with these crimes is encouraged to contact Victim Services Wellington at 519-824-1212 ext. 7304 or via email at