The Guelph Police Service works closely with the community to solve and prevent crime. Our officers work with community members to promote safety and protect their neighbourhoods.

"The Guelph Police Service aims to build and foster true collaborative partnerships through engagement that supports a strong relationship of trust between the Guelph Police Service and the community. This will be achieved through innovative, proactive and responsive community policing for the purpose of having a safe and vibrant city"

A group of sworn and civilian members of the Guelph Police Service work on an internal Community Policing Committee to ensure we are able to coordinate, educate and focus on our community. 

The Handbook for Strengthening Harmony Between Communities and GPS was created to help members of Guelph's diverse communities understand the role of police, explain what to expect if approached by police and provide information on how to access police services. It also describes the rights and responsibilities of both community members and police officers.

Personal & Family Safety 

Protecting yourself is just as important as protecting your home or vehicle. Learn how to:

Home & Property Safety

Protecting your home and property is important to most residents. The Guelph Police Service strives to provide residents with information to aid in the prevention of home and property crime.

Make sure you are conducting a check around your home to ensure your property is secure. This check should be done any time you park your vehicle, before you leave your house, and before you go to bed. 

What to check:

  • Your garage - Is it closed? Is it locked? 
  • Your vehicle(s) - Are the windows closed? Are all of the doors locked? Are there any valuables within sight from the exterior? 
  • Your home - Are all of the accessible windows closed? Are all of the doors locked? Are there any valuables within sight from the exterior?

Learn how to:

Would you like to have your property/business assessed regarding CPTED concepts? Submit a request using the form below and an officer will attend your property/business to offer advice on how to minimize crime through CPTED. 


Community Safety

Our communities are integral to our lives. We need to understand how to protect them and keep crime out of our neighbourhoods. 

Learn about:

Community Police Academy

The Guelph Police Service provides an opportunity for community organizations to learn about the Service and the specialized police units within the Service. We call this the “Community Police Academy”. The “Community Police Academy” is between 6-8 weekly sessions, depending on the requirements of your group. The Guelph Police Service will provide a speaker every week that is a leader in a specialized area or unit (Drug Unit, Fraud Unit, etc.).  As part of the presentation, members of the community will meet various police officers and learn about their background and the work they do. This is a great program that enhances public safety through education while building trust and understanding between the police and the community.

If you are in a community organization and are interested in participating, please fill out the application below and a police officer will reach out to you via phone or email within 3-5 days.

Community Police Academy Interest Form

Community members and Guelph Police Service members standing in a line at Community Policing Academy

Would you like to have a Guelph Police Service Officer at your event? Fill out the following event registration form.

Event Registration

Note: Officers are not to be requested for the primary purpose of security, safety supervision or enforcement. If you do require and officer for any of these reasons, you will need to apply for a Special Duty Officer. Submitting a request for an officer is not a guarantee and is dependent on officer availability.