Through the creation of the SCANinGuelph Security Camera Registry, the Guelph Police Service seeks to better utilize existing private infrastructure, while allowing residents and commercial property owners to take a more proactive role in keeping their neighbourhoods safe.

The registry allows property owners to register the locations of their surveillance cameras with the Guelph Police Service, and to provide access to their recordings upon request.

The location of registered cameras will be uploaded to an internal police database. Officers conducting investigations of break and enters, vehicle thefts and other serious crimes can see with the click of a computer mouse the location of cameras on the registry database. The owners of the cameras can then be contacted and decide if they are willing to release images or video on a case by case basis.

It is hoped the SCANinGuelph (Security Cameras Assisting Neighbours in Guelph) registry will reduce crime and promote community safety through the active participation of community members and business owners.

The registry will also allow Guelph Police Service officers to work more efficiently, as currently officers conducting investigations must canvass door to door to determine whether surveillance cameras exist.

It is important to note that registering a camera does not give police access to cameras or footage. Rather it simply makes the location of the camera known.

To register or unregister your camera, please click the corresponding link below. Thank you.