Kids Help Phone is a free, 24-hour anonymous phone and web counselling service for children and youth looking for support.

Have a Question?

Have you ever had a question that you would like to ask a Police Officer? Learn how you can ask Officer Kyle.

Youth Zone

Visit our Youth Zone to find resources and programs for youth in our community, and learn more about our Values, Influences and Peers (VIP) Program.

School Safety Patrols

The School Safety Patrol reminds all students of how to cross the street safely and prevents them from crossing when it is not safe.

Join the School Safety Patrol

Talk to your school’s designated School Safety Patrol Supervisor to learn how to join your patrol team. Your Supervisor will assign you a post, set your schedule, and provide you with equipment.

Safety Patrol Responsibilities include:

  • Looking, acting and staying alert
  • Reporting for duty on time
  • Paying close attention to patrol schedule
  • Setting a good example for others
  • Knowing and practicing safe walking rules
  • Knowing and performing duties faithfully
  • Being neat and clean on duty
  • Being dependable and trustworthy
  • Being courteous and polite

Guelph became the second city in Canada to implement a Safety Patrol Program and was initially sponsored by the Canadian Automobile Association.