Be Aware -Door to Door Solicitation

The Guelph Police Service have received multiple complaints from citizens surrounding door to door solicitation for asphalt and paving services.  Other Police services have also received similar complaints.

Citizens are reminded to exercise caution with door to door, telephone or other mediums used to solicit for services and renovation work.  Some suggestions when hiring a contractor for services are:

  • Asking for certification from tradespeople who will do work for you.
  • Obtain a written estimate.
  • Conduct reference checks on the business proposing to do the work and research contractors available for that type of work.
  • Ask about required permits for the work (contact City for information.
  • Conduct a better business Bureau and Consumer Protections Search.
  • Exercise caution on the details of contracts that are signed and supplied by the business.
  • Avoid cash deals and obtain receipts for amounts paid.
  • Don’t pay the full amount up front-be cautious on deposit amounts.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Ministry of Consumer Protection Ontario (1 800-889-9768) or and the Better Business Bureau (1 800-459-8875) or .  Police can be contacted regarding potential fraud investigations and complaints.


Fentanyl Arrest

On October 4th, 2019, at approximately 1:00pm, Police located a wanted party walking on Wyndham Street. A 28 year old Guelph female was wanted on a Bench Warrant for Failing to Attend Court. The accused was placed under arrest on the strength of the warrant and upon searching the female incident to arrest, Police discovered the following; 35.04 grams of blue putty Fentanyl, 0.37 grams of Purple Fentanyl and 3.06 grams of Purple Fentanyl housed in a loaded needle. The accused was further charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance –Fentanyl, two counts of Breach Probation and Fail to Comply with Undertaking. The accused was further held at the Guelph Police Service pending a bail hearing.