Totals Tuesday

Guelph Police go to a wide range of calls during a week. Here are the total numbers for some of the calls we went on over the past week. From Tuesday May 7 at midnight until Monday May 13 at 11:59 p.m.

  • 21 Break and enters

  • 64 Check well-being of person calls

  • 6 Assault calls

  • 8 Property damage calls

  • 17 Alarm calls

  • 8 Fight calls

  • 22 Neighbour/Landlord disputes

  • 62 Domestic disturbances

  • 3  Public intoxication calls

  • 43 Unwanted persons calls

  • 29 Mental Health calls

  • 77 Suspicious person or vehicle calls

  • 34 Motor vehicle collisions

  • 28 Driving complaints

  • 36 Theft from residence or car calls

  • 28 Noise complaints

  • 9 Shoplifters

The Guelph Police were involved in 1,328 incidents in this time frame. Incidents involve everything from traffic stops and accidental 911 calls to domestics and break and enters. Mental health calls are often captured under check well-being of person calls, unwanted person calls and suspicious person calls.

Residents are encouraged to go to the Guelph Police Crime Mapping Tool on our website. Check out locations of recent incidents with this tool.