Male linked by DNA to burglary is arrested

A male linked by DNA to a 2020 burglary which caused more than $8,000 in damage has been arrested.

On May 14, 2020, a service technician working at a business located on Woodlawn Road West discovered a break-in to the business’ mechanical room. A rear door was pried open and the suspect cut several copper wires and caused significant damage to the building, including cutting several grounding wires. This caused the building to be deemed unsafe and required several adjacent businesses to be closed until hydro crews repaired the damage. The total damage was more than $8,000.

During the investigation, police recovered a pie plate and fork from the mechanical room. The fork was swabbed for DNA and in July police learned it matched a male in the national DNA databank.

On Wednesday, about 9:20 p.m., members of the Guelph Police Service High Enforcement Action Team (HEAT) saw the male downtown and placed him under arrest.

A 46-year-old male of no fixed address is charged with break and enter and mischief over $5,000. He will appear in a Guelph court June 1, 2021.


Male injured by thrown ice ball while walking his dog

The Guelph Police Service is looking for the occupants of a small grey car after a male was injured by an ice ball while walking his dog Wednesday evening.

The 33-year-old male called police about 10:40 p.m. and advised he was walking his dog on Stevenson Street South near Empire Street when someone in the passing motor vehicle threw the ice ball, which struck him in the back and caused a welt. He did not seek medical attention.

The vehicle, described as a grey early 2000s Honda Civic or Acura, was last seen heading east on Elizabeth Street from Stevenson Street South.

The incident is under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call Constable Christian Godin at 519-824-1212, ext. 7288, email him at, leave an anonymous tip for Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or leave an anonymous tip online at


Burglars steal mop and bucket, other items from apartment building

The Guelph Police Service is looking for burglars with clean floors after a mop and bucket were among items stolen from an apartment building Wednesday morning.

The manager of the building on Woolwich Street near Tiffany Street East called police after discovering laundry machines had been broken into. Surveillance video revealed two parties, believed to be a male and female, pried open the building’s front door about 4 a.m.

They went to the laundry room where they broke into two machines and also removed and stole a security camera, some detergent and the mop and bucket. The pair also stole decorative pictures from the hallways and a toy which was outside one apartment door.

The first suspect is described as wearing a black jacket, black pants, black and white shoes and a blue backpack. The second was wearing a black jacket with fur hood, red snow pants, white scarf and a grey backpack.

The incident is under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call Constable Emily Dietrich at 519-824-1212, ext. 7265, email her at, leave an anonymous tip for Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or leave an anonymous tip online at


Fraudsters “spoofing” Guelph Police Service number

The Guelph Police Service is cautioning the public if you receive a call which appears to be from the Guelph Police phone number (519-824-1212) that it is NOT the police calling.

There have been several recent reports of individuals – including at least one Guelph Police constable – receiving calls from someone using the police phone number and claiming to be conducting an investigation. Such calls are placed with technology which easily allows the caller to “spoof” a legitimate phone number so that number appears on the recipient’s call display.

Generally the caller will claim to be a person of authority and ask for the recipient’s personal information, such as a Social Insurance Number or banking information. Anyone receiving such a call should hang up without providing any information, then locate the agency’s phone number and call them back to determine the legitimacy of the call.

Please note if the Guelph Police Service was to call you it would come up as ‘unknown caller’ on call display.

The Guelph Police Fraud Unit recommends these steps to protect yourself:

  • Register your phone number with Canada’s Do Not Call List -
  • If you answer the phone and hear a recorded message, hang up. DO NOT press 1 or call back
  • If you are not expecting a call or do not recognize the phone number, let the call go to your answering machine.


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