You should dial 9-1-1 if an incident is:

  • an emergency
  • in progress
  • an immediate danger to yourself or someone else


If your business has been marked by graffiti or you’ve witnessed an act of graffiti, you can report it to the Guelph Police Service or Crime Stoppers.

You should remove graffiti as soon as possible. The quick removal of graffiti is the most effective way to prevent further acts of vandalism.

Robbery Prevention

Your goal should always be to reduce the risk of injury to your employees by preventing a robbery from happening. You can take steps to keep yourself safe and deter criminals from robberies.

Maintain High Visibility

Video surveillance can help to identify suspects and also deter a potential robbery. Maintain your video system and keep it up to date – if it doesn't work, it doesn't really help. Always keep your video archives; they may be important in the future.

Money Handling

You should never keep large amounts of money on your property. Avoid advertising that you have large amounts of money and keep deposits out of sight. Don't make any night deposits while alone, and don't fall into a predictable routine. You can also use a safe to keep money secure.

Prevent Violence

If a robbery happens:

  • stay calm
  • comply with any demands
  • assume that weapons are real
  • don't take chances

When the suspect leaves, watch and remember which way they went. Was there another person outside or a vehicle waiting?

Try and remember details about the person, including their:

  • age
  • height
  • weight
  • clothing
  • how did they speak
  • any tattoos or marks

After the Robbery

After the robbery, you should call 9-1-1 right away. Stay on the line with the operator and tell them:

  • who you are
  • where you are
  • your phone number

Tell the operator as much as you can remember about the robber and where they went, and if there was a vehicle involved.

Don't touch anything you don't have to and lock the door once the robber is gone. Don't open it until Police attend.

You should ask any witnesses to stay until Police arrive and write down anything you can remember about what happened.