Lost or stolen wallet?

If you have lost your wallet or suspect it was stolen, make sure that you cancel and replace all of your important cards.

Service Ontario has prepared a list to help you through this process so that you replace your cards and identification in the right order.

Did you know?

Anyone can do a Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) check.

Search the national database to see if an item has been reported stolen. Vehicle and property records are updated on a regular basis from the CPIC information system.

If you receive a positive result, please contact your local police to confirm the information and ask for assistance.


The Property/Firearms Officers are responsible for the proper storage and issuance of service firearms, as well as being responsible for the storage and proper destruction of found/seized weapons. Please contact the Property/Firearms Office at the number below for inquiries.

The Property/Firearms Officers are responsible for the storage and safe-keeping of all property that is found or seized by the Guelph Police Service. Property may include anything from bicycles, to weapons, to drugs, to audio/video surveillance footage. After a case involving property as evidence is completed, the officers follow up with the courts to determine whether the property is to be returned, destroyed, or auctioned off.

The Property/Firearms Officers also perform regular audits of found property in order to clear the storage areas and make room for new found property. After 90 days, if the rightful owners have not been located, the property will be disposed of. They also assist the Professional Development and Recruiting Unit with the recruiting needs of the service.

Claiming Found Property

To inquire about claiming property or any general questions regarding lost, found or seized items, please contact the Property/Firearms Office.

Monday – Friday: 7:00am - 3:00pm

(519) 824-1212 ext. 7510 or ext. 7338

This form of contact is not for taking reports of lost or stolen property. If you are looking to report then you need to use the online reporting system.

Police Auction

The Guelph Police Service are presently using Police Auctions Canada for auctioning items that have been seized, forfeited, or found.

Online auctions are more cost effective and give more people in the community the opportunity to be involved.