The number of mobile apps has grown with the rise in smartphone and tablet usage. Apps are simple and fun but you should monitor their use.

Preventing Problems

You should teach your child how to use technology safely and set a good example on using mobile devices, blogs and social networking sites. A child should have a balance of both online with offline activities.

Get Involved

Explore the online games your child plays to see if they are appropriate for their age, and ask:

  • Is the game moderated?
  • Is there a chat component?
  • Are pictures or avatars used?
  • Does it contain sexual or violent material?

Closely supervise what they use their gaming system for and the features offered by the games they play. You should encourage games that offer the ability to block or restrict individuals who can play with your child, and allow you to mute other individuals from chatting with your child.

Please visit the Cybertip website for more information on how to keep your children safe online. You can also report any concerns you might have.