Our Customer Service Desk is currently closed for in-person applications. However, please note:

  • We have a completely online process where you can apply and verify your identity through third-party Equifax and receive your record check via email
  • If you are required to come in for fingerprint verification, appointments can now be booked online through the new record check platform 
  • Applications for police record checks must be submitted through our online platform.  *Please note* the online platform has changed. Previous accounts created when applying for a record check prior to June 20th, 2023 will no longer be valid.

Complete an Online Record Check

There are 3 types of Police Record Checks that Guelph residents may apply for, it is the applicant's responsibility to know what level of check they require. Click on any of the links below or watch our "Differences in Types of Record Checks" video for more information.

  1. Criminal Record Check
  2. Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check
  3. Vulnerable Sector Check

Two pieces of government-issued identification, as well as proof of residency within the City of Guelph (see below for acceptable pieces of identification), are required to complete your record check.

 Acceptable Pieces of Identification 

You must provide in two pieces of identification: one piece of photo I.D. and one piece of I.D. proving proof of Guelph residency. You must provide original identification documents. No photocopies will be accepted.
  • Federal, Provincial, or Municipal identification card
  • Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) identification card
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Driver's licence
  • FAST/Nexus cards
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL)
  • Military Family identification (MFID)
  • Permanent Resident (PR) card
  • Police Service issued warrant card
  • Valid student identity card from a Canadian or foreign institute
  • Ontario Photo Card

Note: Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) are not acceptable for identification purposes. Ontario Health Cards cannot be accepted for identification purposes (Health Cards and Numbers Control Act, 1991 section 2.2(1))

Your proof of address identification must include your name and the City of Guelph Address. If your current Guelph address is not on your identification, you must bring proof of residency (Utility bills, rental lease agreement, University of Guelph MyHousing, Student Report Cards, Bank Statements, etc.)

You must be a current resident within the city limits of Guelph and have proof of that Guelph address.

Video: How to check if you live in the boundaries

Please note: THIS IS A NON-REFUNDABLE PROCESS. IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A RECORD CHECK WITH GUELPH POLICE SERVICE, YOU MUST CURRENTLY RESIDE WITHIN THE CITY LIMITS OF GUELPH. If you continue with this application and it is determined that you do not reside within the City of Guelph, the monies paid will not be refunded. If you are unsure if you reside within the city limits of Guelph, please contact the City of Guelph or check this website to confirm whether you live within the city limits of Guelph.

Frequently asked questions

Click on any of the questions below to learn more.

Fees for applying for a Police Record Check are established under By-law No. 149 (2013)
Police Record Check Fingerprinting
Applicants will be notified to attend the Guelph Police Service Headquarters building for their fingerprinting to complete for a Police Record Check in two circumstances:
  • To confirm convictions that appear on your record
  • For inconclusive results with respect to a Vulnerable Sector Check

See our Fingerprinting web page for more information on the process.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I apply in-person?
The Guelph Police service only accepts applications online. 
What kind of record check do I need?
Contact the agency/organization requesting the check so they can clarify what type of record check they require from you.
I am a temporary resident of Guelph - can I apply for my record check through your service?
The Guelph Police Service will accept applications for police record checks if the applicant has proof of Guelph residency. Residency proof can take the form of such items as: rental agreements, correspondence or bills addressed to the application. Applicants living outside of the city must attend their local police service to apply for a record check. 
What happens if I apply but do not live in Guelph?
You must currently be a resident of Guelph to apply, otherwise your application will be voided. To ensure you reside within the boundaries of the City of Guelph, please check the Guelph City Boundary Map.
How do I get my record check when I am under 18 years old?
As per the Police Record Check Reform Act, Police Services in Ontario only provide record checks to applicants under the age of 18 when applying for an employment or volunteer position directly with the municipal, provincial or federal government.  Non-government agencies are not authorized to receive the results of a record check for individuals under the age of 18.
I only have one name, what do I put on the application?
Enter your one name as both the surname and first name on the application
What is the difference between a school placement versus being employed at a school?
School placement is restricted to individuals completing job placements as part of their college/university/continuing education curriculum.  Employment at a school is a paid position and as such the fee schedules differ.
What qualifies as volunteering?
Volunteering means a person who performs a service but who receives no compensation for doing so and excludes school placement.
I do not have a credit card - how do I pay for my record check?
A pre-paid credit card may be purchased anywhere gift cards are available for purchase and can be used to pay online.
I have been asked for a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) but the organization is based outside Canada, how can I apply for this check?
VSC checks are restricted to applicants seeking employment and/or volunteering within Canada only. In this case, applicants will need to contact the RCMP.
Why can I not get a Vulnerable Sector Check for adoption?
The Criminal Records Act does not allow vulnerable sector checks to be conducted for the purpose of Adoption.
When will I get my record check?
Typically record checks can take up to 2-3 weeks to process. You can easily check the date currently being worked on by clicking on the webpage where you applied for your record check. The current date is listed on the top of this webpage.
Can I update the information on my application after I have submitted it?
The Guelph Police Service is unable to make changes to an application once it has been submitted. Please ensure that all information is accurate prior to submission. 
Do you offer refunds?

Record checks are non-refundable. It is essential that you are aware of which type of record check you require and that you check your address is within the city limits of Guelph before applying for a record check.

Why did you void my application?

You will receive an email explaining the reason your application was voided. If you have further questions, please contact Customer Service.

Why do I need to be fingerprinted?

Applicants will be requested to come in to be fingerprinted in two circumstances.

  1. To confirm the applicant’s criminal conviction if applicable:
    • If an applicant has criminal convictions, the RCMP requires fingerprints to confirm the criminal record. Once confirmed, data from the criminal record will be put on the requesters police record check.
  2. To complete a Level 3 - Police Vulnerable Sector Check:
    • The vulnerable sector query is based on gender and date of birth. To clarify inconclusive results, applicants are required to be fingerprinted. Results will be indicated on the completed Level 3 Police Vulnerable Sector Check. 
How do I get fingerprinted for such things as record suspension, citizenship, NEXUS card, or other administrative purposes?

The Guelph Police Service only does fingerprinting for GPS police record checks. Otherwise, applicants will need to attend an accredited fingerprinting company to have their fingerprints taken for the purposes of adoptions, foreign travel, citizenship, record suspension, and permanent residency. To obtain a list of accredited fingerprint companies contact the RMCP at CCRTIS-SCICTR@rcmp-grc.gc.ca.

I am not getting any emails from Customer Service, what is happening?

Sometimes the system generated email is considered as spam by your service provider and goes to your junk folder. Please check your junk folder, otherwise give us a call.

I forgot the password for my account, what do I do?

Click on the forgot password option. A link will be sent to your email account. Access your email and click on the link to reset the password. If you require further assistance, please contact guelphsupport@onlinepolice.check.ca or call (226) 314-0672.

How can I contact customer service?

Customer Service can be contacted by sending an email to customerservice@guelphpolice.ca or by phoning the Guelph Police Service at 519-824-1212 extension 7321.

For more information about Ontario’s legislation on Record Checks, please see the Police Record Checks Reform Act.

For information about RCMP processes, please visit the RCMP website for more information on criminal record checks.

For further information regarding the GPS record checks process, please contact Customer Service.