The Guelph Police Service is saddened to share the news that Police Service Dog (PSD) Jett has passed away.

Last week, PSD Jett was admitted to a veterinary hospital in the City of Guelph with extreme pain, where he remained for five days. He was diagnosed with numerous serious medical ailments and ultimately succumbed.

PSD Jett was a Belgian Malinois who joined the Guelph Police Service in 2020. He was immediately partnered with his handler, Constable Hall. Together, they completed their Canine Training Course in July of that year.

Since that time, PSD Jett has worked as a General Service Dog specializing in detecting human scent, narcotics, firearms and ammunition. PSD Jett has assisted in numerous incidents, arrests and investigations.

We would like to thank PSD Jett for his dedicated and loyal service to our community. He will be missed and remembered by the many whose lives he enriched.